Young striker Jesus said that he’s not afraid of penalties. But despite this, he missed all three spot-kicks.


Gabriel Jesus insists he is not afraid to take penalties

Gabriel Jesus insists that he is not afraid to take a penalty in the future, even though Pep Guardiola has taken away responsibility from the forward of Manchester City. The Brazilian forward missed all three Spot-kicks he took for the club and the country this season, and also missed Copa America for Brazil last summer. After his penalty was saved in the middle of the week by a victory over Sheffield United, the team of Ilkay Gundogan assumed the responsibility to open a 4-0 win over Fulham on Sunday. Jesus added two late goals but could have a hat-trick if he took a spot-kick, and the 22-year-old man insists that he is not afraid to take them in the future.


Sometimes you have to stop

He admitted that in the training sessions, he’s taking them and scores more than misses. If he takes five, misses one and sometimes none. In games, it’s quietly different. He has made three this season – two here and one with national team Brazil – and missed all three. When you miss three in a row, you go to the next one under pressure to score. So that’s the challenge. He has In his mind that he have to train more and improve more of course. Usually, the manager puts on the paper in the dressing room before the game, who are the penalty takers. Last game he was the penalty taker and there typically he’s the taker, but it was Gundo. That’s football, he confessed. Sometimes you have to stop, improve and come back strong.



Ederson is a very cool guy. It’s true he doesn’t have blood in his veins

Guardiola admitted that penalties had become a problem for both Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero, who has also missing penalties over the past 12 months. Goalkeeper Ederson proposed as a possible alternative, and Jesus says his Brazilian friend would not have a problem if he called into action. Jesus said that Ederson is a very cool guy. He joked that it’s true that he doesn’t have blood in his veins. If the head coach told him to take penalties, he’d listen to it. On Wednesday night, City is facing another big cup when they secure a place in the League Cup final for the third year in a row by defeating Manchester United.

The holders have a 3-1 lead from stage one, but Jesus says they can’t take anything for granted after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team surprisingly beat them at Etihad Stadium in the Premier League last month. It will be a hard, very high derby here. It doesn’t matter the first match. They never know what could happen, so they must to focus on Manchester too and play well and with quality