Brazilian legendary striker had a very open interview two days ago. He talked about compliments, performance in the past and Real Valladolid.

Compliment from Michael Jordan

Ronaldo said that the most memorable moment of his life was meeting with Michael Jordan. He met Jordan because both were athletes of Nike. After learning more about Jordan’s personality, Ronaldo was impressed. By the way, Michael Jordan told Ronaldo that he was the MJ of football. Ronaldo said that it was the most memorable compliment for him.


His favorite goal

Brazilian legendary player said that there were many memorable goals in his career. At the same time, he noted that goals against Germany in the final of the World Cup was the most memorable. Ronaldo admitted that he has scored many beautiful goals but none of those goals come close to the World Cup final double against Germany. He admitted that those two goals have a big weight of importance. Ronaldo admitted that 2 years before the World Cup, everyone thought that Brazilian player was finished because of a very dramatic injury. He could not even walk for five months and he was depressed. Those two goals against Germany carried lots of inspiration and work on and off the field.

Ronaldo said that he loves watching career-wise goals. He admitted that watching career-goals on YouTube is a little bit satisfying. Legendary striker said that a few days ago he watched a video with the name “Ronaldo’s 256 career nutmegs”. Ronaldo Admitted that it’s crazy to think about how many nutmegs he has done in career and that’s why he loves watching his career-moments all over again. Legendary player said that the haircut during the 2002 World Cup was horrible. He is very sorry to all the parents who got requests from kids to get the same haircut.