Brendan Rodgers will be backed to stay at Leicester by Foxes legend Matt Elliott, with a top-rated manager expected to avoid interest from the Spurs after he greened the grass at the King Power Stadium.

Rodgers is successful as a coach of Leicester

The former Swansea and Liverpool boss returned to the Premier League in February 2019 after accepting a trophy-laden prosecution with Celtic. His human management, tactical buzz, and ability to unleash value in the transfer market have made Leicester the top four hopes and one of the most entertaining aspects of English football – with the FA Cup still on the kart in 2021. Such success inevitably attracts admirable glances from afar, with former Foxes defender Elliott speaking to the association says there is always something to worry about for a club like Leicester as they grow and evolve the season in terms of infrastructure, training ground, stadium and player profile.

There are many things to do in Leicester City. Brendan Rodgers is an exceptional coach, but he is also ambitious and he will want to take Leicester as best he can. However, he will of course take a look at what is developing in other clubs. It is inevitable that he will be associated with other clubs as this is a reflection of how well he is performing. People may be in denial about it, thinking why would he ever want to leave this wonderful club, he said.


Asking questions about the future 

Rodgers does not currently have prominent positions to fill outside the East Midlands, but this may soon change. Questions are being asked about Jose Mourinho’s future at Tottenham, with the Portuguese struggling to find consistency in north London, and it has been suggested that the SOS call will ring in the direction of Leicester. Elliott can appreciate why the Spurs would have been attracted to Rodgers, but he is not convinced that switching between domestic rivals will appeal to someone building something special in their current environment.