What we saw at Nou Camp yesterday was just magnificent. Lionel Messi scores two and gave an assist – overall; he has a brilliant performance.

Pre-match preparations

After an away match against Slavia Prague, Lionel Messi and team-mates had one week rest. As you may know, Barcelona could not face Real Madrid on Sunday. Due to political movements in Catalonia, Spanish authorities decided to postpone El Clasico to December 2019.

Valladolid was very unfortunate because they met Barcelona at a tough time. Barcelona had precisely seven days for rest while Valladolid played match three days ago. Yesterday we saw substantial differences between the fitness preparation of Barcelona and Valladolid.

1st half of the game

Valverde decided to give a chance to Ansu Fati. As you know, a youngster of Barcelona just got citizenship in Spain, so he can officially play for Spain’s national team. At the same time, Fati had a minor injury and could not help the team for three weeks. The youngster is back in action and played a perfect match yesterday. Barcelona’s coach gives rest to French Griezmann; he played the last 30 minutes of the game.

Match started with a magical assist from Lionel Messi. Argentinian players passed to Lenglet, and French defender scored a beautiful goal. In 10 minutes, Valladolid tried the first counter-attack, and they successfully converted shot into the goal. It was a bad play from Ter Stegen, but Messi soon decided to change the direction of the game.

Lionel Messi scored a beautiful free-kick in the first half. IT was a magnificent shot on target, and Messi scored his 50th free-kick in his career. Keep in mind that 44 free-kicks are coming in Barcelona and six on the national team.

2nd half of the match

First 20 minutes of the second half, Barcelona was playing slowly. Lionel Messi decided to change the direction of the second half also. First, the Argentinian player scored a goal in the 75th minute. In two minutes, Lionel Messi gave incredible assist to Luis Suarez, who scored his first goal in the match.

Barcelona demolished the defense of Valladolid. As of now, the Catalonian club is topping the La Liga table. Yet, Barcelona and Real Madrid have one more match to play than their competitors. That’s why we see Granada, Seville, and other clubs above Real Madrid.