Ian Wright has called on the Premier League chiefs to ban Bruno Fernandez unorthodox penalty routine as he claims it is “not fair”.



On Saturday, Bruno Fernandez rolled out his trademark technique during United’s clash with West Brom after his side were awarded a penalty in the 56th minute.

As usual, the midfielder utilized a small hop into his run-up in a bid to try and bamboozle the goalkeeper. However, the Baggies’ No.1, Sam Johnstone was equal to Fernandez’s first effort. He palmed the shot away but only for the officials to order a retake as he strayed some way off his line.

Not deterred by his initial miss, the Portuguese repeated his tried and tested hoping method. This time, he found the net although he caused Wright to urge for a chance in the penalty laws.

“It is difficult for goalkeepers”. Said Wright.

“And then you’ve got forwards jumping up, doing this, doing that sort of stuff and the goalie can’t move his foot off. They should stop people from jumping and that they should have to make a rule..just run at the ball and hit it. If they can move and the goalies can’t, that’s not fair”.

Similarly, presented Gary Lineker directed a question to Wright asking “are you going to have a law that says you can’t jump?”

Wright answered, “Yeah. You have to go straight through your penalty run-up. No jumping”.