Italian football legend, Paolo Rossi has died at the age of 64. Gianluigi Buffon has published a post about Paolo Rossi.

Exactly two weeks after the death of Diego Maradona, the football world suffered another great loss. Italian football legend, the protagonist of the 1982 World Cup Paolo Rossi has died at the age of 64. As it turned out, Rossi had an incurable disease and could not deal with it.


A famous Italian football legend Gianluigi Buffon said goodbye to Rossi with an emotional letter:

“In this tragic year, which is coming to an end, Pablito is leaving us with others. I am not accustomed to writing special memoirs. Although we are all equal before death, there is something that distinguishes people from each other while I am alive. This year, when Kobe Bryant and Maradona left us, they were joined by Paolo Rossi.

Paolo Rossi, who many young people do not even know who he was. He belongs to my childhood, he belongs to the child who proudly wore a 20-piece blue shirt in the summer of 1982, as well as in the summers of 1983 and 1984, and shouted after a goal scored during a football game: ‘Pablito’s goal … Pablito’s goal … again a goal! !! ‘

It did not matter if the T-shirt was long; the main thing was the relationship with him, being with him in the hope that something miraculous would happen. Here, in a deeply different Italy that was suffering, it could have played the role of glue and brought us closer. We came together. We rejoiced as if all the evil and all the problems were behind us.

This morning, when I was taking my children to school, I tried to tell them who Paolo Rossi was, but above all, I was curious to understand what he meant to me. In six words, he was – inspiration, redemption, dream, emotion, happiness, pride – he was what Maradona was to Naples. Exactly the same, and therefore, today, my Italian heart and soul feel exhausted, exhausted. Goodbye, glorious Pablito, and thank you again. “