Today, the German government decided to renew the Bundesliga. The German championship will continue on May 15 or 22. The whole German football was looking forward to this decision!

The Bundesliga returns! As expected, Chancellor Angela Merkel and politicians have allowed the German Football League (DFL) championship to be renewed in May – without spectators, of course.

The exact date of the renewal of the Bundesliga is still unknown. Politicians have decided to formulate this as follows: “It is possible to start a Bundesliga in the second half of May.”

This means that the DFL itself must decide when it prefers to renew the championship. That is, the first and second Bundesliga may be renewed on May 15, or May 22 – depending on what the DFL decides, whose leaders began preparations for the season update a few days ago. They are saying that hey would be ready for any date.


players and staff have been tested for Coronavirus


According to Bild, May 15 remains the most realistic option. This is the day when (if not Coronavirus) the last round of the German championship should have taken place.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with German prime-ministers, decided at an online conference today. It should be noted that politicians have talked about the Bundesliga for a longer time than about kindergartens or schools.

According to the plan, the German championship should be resumed with the 26th round. Until then, the teams will be in quarantine. As you know, in the first and second Bundesliga, all players and staff have been tested for Coronavirus. As a result, 10 cases of covid-19 infection have been identified. On Thursday, the German Football League will talk to all clubs and decide when the Bundesliga will be renewed – on May 15 or May 22.