For players and referees, wearing masks may become necessary. Spiegel named the rules set by the German Ministry of Labor.

According to the official website of the Bundesliga, Germany is ready to resume the football season in May. The Bundesliga has also unveiled a medical concept needed to renew the season, stating that hygienic measures will be strictly adhered to, testing will be conducted on Coronavirus, and regular monitoring of player health will be carried out.

The Bundesliga season may continue with masks. The German Spiegel Sports recently spread this information.

According to Spiegel, by order of the German Ministry of Labor, players and referees are required to wear protective masks on the pitch.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, it was decided that the current Bundesliga season should end with empty stands. Football will resume in Germany on May 9.


5 main rules for Bundesliga players


According to the same source, the players must follow the following rules of the German Ministry of Labor:

1) Touching masks with hands during the match is prohibited;

2) Players take a break every 15 minutes to change masks;

3) Players should wear masks tightly on the face. During the fights, in case of violation of this rule, the game will be stopped;

4) Players are required to observe a distance of 1.5 meters during the break;

5) Referees have the right to punish players for unnecessary contact. For example, in the case of celebrating a goal.

The number of attendees at the tribunes will also be limited. A maximum of 213 fans will be able to attend the matches, of which 98 people will be able to enter the closed space, and 115 will be placed on the tribunes.

A maximum of 109 people will be allowed in and around the field, including staff and law enforcement officers.