Conte does not like the calendar – his team has no time to rest. The head coach of Inter also blames the referee for the loss of points.

Following Inter’s non-winning games, Antonio Conte’s sharp reaction has become a tradition in recent weeks. This time the object of Conte’s attack is the calendar.

After the draw with Roma (2: 2), Inter practically lost their chances of winning the championship. So, Conte blamed this story on the calendar, which, according to him, is deliberately drawn against his team.

Antonio Conte: “I want you to look at the Inter calendar. It ‘s crazy, and it causes us a lot of problems. We always play late at night, and our opponent always has more than 1 day to rest. “Each time when we play away matches, we have a night game, and that means we get home at 4 am.”

Conte also criticized the referee of the match, noting that during Roma’s first goal, he did not see any obvious violation of the rules. The head coach of Inter said it was not even controversial; it was an obvious fine. Antonio Conte was also angry that the journalists criticized his team after the game.