Camacho’s opinion about Real Madrid is always interesting. He trained Los Blancos for a few years and he knows Madrid inside out.

Importance of Sergio Ramos

65 years old experts believe that Sergio Ramos is the most important player for Los Blancos. He noted that the last few years were decisive for the center-back of the team. Camacho added that the contract situation with Ramos is very concerning for Real Madrid fans. Keep in mind that Sergio Ramos will be a free agent this summer. Los Blancos captain can’t agree on a new contract with Real Madrid management. According to experts of the Spanish football, Sergio Ramos met with the president of the team for a few teams in the last couple months. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Ramos and Perez could not agree on main terms. Everything leads to one thing – Sergio will be a free agent most likely by the end of the season. It’s a very mind-blowing moment for Los Blancos fans as they respect Ramos a lot. Florentino could be blamed if Ramos leaves the team in summer. Camacho said that if he were president, he would do everything to sign a new contract with Ramos.


Spanish national team

Camacho said that Spain found it hard to win against Georgian national team. The Expert noted that both games against Greece and Georgia could be life-changing for Spain’s current squad. The young players did everything to win both games but it was not possible. In the end, Spain has four points out of six and it’s still acceptable. Camacho said that in the next few months, Spain will play differently against Georgia and Greece. Sergio Ramos could not play against Georgian national team. He is recovering still from the injury and needs managed play-minutes. Ramos will be available for the next game in Spain.