Dana is back with a new episode of “Off the pitch”. In this episode, she will talk about the latest rumors in European football.


Mino Raiola is back with another statement about his client

As you may know, Mino is one of the biggest football agents around the globe. He is the head-agent of the top-stars like Zlatan, Pogba, Haaland, Donnarumma and others. Last week, he talked with English magazines and said that Pogba’s connection with MU is over and he will leave the club in summer. Mino is back at it again as he talked with Italian football magazines this week. He said that Donnarumma’s future with AC Milan is unclear. The top agent said that his client may leave Milan if a good offer is on the table. He did not confirm any club’s interest in Donnaruma. Italian journalists started digging deep and they believe that English and Spanish giants are ready to sign Donnaruma if he decides to leave Milan. 

New head coach of Dortmund

Management of Dortmund Borussia was not happy with the results. They decided to sack Lucian Favre. The coach was training the team for a few seasons already. Team could not achieve top results in that period. A big loss against Stuttgart at home-stadium was the last drop of management’s patience. They sacked Lucian Favre right after the match ended. Dortmund has a solid attacking line and still the team can’t score more goals than the opponent. Borussia’s scouts are doing wonders as they are first to sign American and European youngsters. Jayden Sancho, Reyna, Reus and Haaland is just a short-list of the new generation. Favre could not influence the style of play and Dortmund failed to win big trophies. New head coach already won the first game. Edin Terzic is a 38 years old coach who was waiting for a perfect moment. He will train Dortmund this season. Terzic worked under Klopp in different clubs of Bundesliga. It’s been a few seasons and he took a lot from legendary Klopp. Now, Terzic is ready to take the responsibility and take Dortmund to the next level. 

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