La Liga is very tight this season. We saw two-three terrible performances from giant Spanish clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Who can win La Liga this season? Let’s check statistics so far.

Lionel Messi – New version of player after injury

As you may know, Lionel Messi had an injury in summer. He could not help Barcelona even half of September. Unfortunately to other teams, Barcelona’s leader back on track. Lionel was able to score three goals on Saturday evening against Celta. Two of those goals were from free-kicks, so Celta players lost hope in saving one point at the Nou Camp.

Who can challenge Lionel Messi?

Karim Benzema is the only player topping Lionel Messi’s statistics. Unlike Messi, Benzema played three more matches. The French striker has scored nine goals and gave three assists. At the same time, Argentinian scored eight goals (3 on Saturday evening) and four assists. Overall, both players helped respective teams in 12 goals by far. 

Barcelona can’t find a relevant tactics under Valverde

After a goalless draw against Slavia Prague, Twitter exploded with one hashtag – #ValverdeOut. Up to 2 million people tweeted the same hashtag and asked Barca officials to sack Spanish coach. Under Valverde, Barca can’t show proper face. If Messi is playing well, then Barcelona is unstoppable, but Lionel can’t always save the Catalonian club.

Zidane found his starting line-up.

The French coach was also struggling since the return to Madrid. Zidane could not find relevant starting line-up for his strategy till October. In October, we saw that Zidane came up with successful starting eleven. As it seems, Uruguayan midfielder Valverde was the only missing puzzle from Zidane’s strategy. After Valverde’s return, Los Blancos won most matches, and now they are leaders of La Liga along with Barcelona.

Atletico Madrid is struggling but still one point away from leaders.

Fans are saying that Atletico is playing badly this season. Statistics are showing different results – Atletico Madrid is only one point away from Barca and Los Blancos.

Sevilla and Atletico are playing a bit worse, but they still have a chance for La Liga trophy. As of now, Real Madrid and Barca have 25 points, while Sevilla and Atletico have 24 points.