Liverpool’s Japanese midfielder, Takumi Minamino, has been keen to play more often.

“There have been moments that have really made me happy in recent months. But I wish I could have made a more significant contribution to the overall achievement of the team and helped. I feel like I am thirsty.

I have to show you the result – it’s essential to gain the trust and goodwill from the Liverpool team-mates and fans. I’ve been in Liverpool for three months now, but I haven’t had much playing time.

I think I continue to study and merge into a collective, but I wouldn’t say I like waiting. I do everything that is in my power to get my chance and help the common cause. When I need a coach, I’m ready to justify my hopes.

As soon as the coach needs me, I am ready to fulfill the hope.” -Liverpool’s official website quotes Minamino’s words.

You may remember that the player joined the Merseyside team during a winter transfer window from Salzburg.


Who is Liverpool’s Takumi Minamino?


A Japanese teenager has joined the ranks of Merseyside since January. The English grandmaster has paid Salzburg £ 7.25 million in return for Minamino.

The 24-year-old Minamino caught the attention of the English team in October when he managed to score a goal and an assist against Liverpool. Minamino has nine goals and 11 assists in this season.

Officially, Minamino has the position of the right-winger, though you can often see him at center field and on the opposite wing.

You might have already noticed that most of the Minamino passes are on the left-wing, which can be explained by both the coach’s instruction and his playing style.

Experts estimate that Minamino will be very difficult to get to the core of Liverpool. Still, it is very likely that the Japanese midfielder adapts to Jurgen Klopp’s style of play with ease and will definitely add extra strength to the team.