Italian Fabio Capello has made a bold claim that Andrea Pirlo’s Juventus Midfield is ‘weaker’ in Serie A top teams.

Former Italy national team Coach believes Juve is weaker than in previous years.

Comparing the current Juve with the ones of previous seasons, “I think it is weaker because it has less quality in midfield.”

“He has something less in that department, I am referring to the two central (Bentancur and Rabiot, ed),” he added.

“Of the current players, the one who made the difference is Chiesa. Who in the first month and a half to two months had a bit of difficulty in settling in. To understand where he was playing, but then he showed himself because the quality is really excellent,” he continued.

“In front of the difference, Chiesa and Ronaldo make the difference; the others have not seen each other so far. The only one who plays the ball vertically is missing which is Dybala, who is the one who invents. The man who dribbles and puts the ball, which is what Chiesa is doing,” Capello said.

A few days ago, Chiesa rallied a cry to his teammates to step up and prove they are ‘Juve’. Chiesa has been a breath of fresh air since settling into his role, and he is quickly a fan’s favorite and Capello’s too.

Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku has admitted battling Cristiano Ronaldo for the Golden Boot, but is winning the Serie A title with Inter Milan is on the radar.

“We are improving, we are on top of the table, it’s a nice feeling, but we must continue.

“We faced some defeats in these kind of games last season and we want to improve. I am really happy with the (Genoa) victory. Now we must focus on Parma, it’s not going to be an easy game.

“I always want to improve, just like many other players. We are young and we have room for improvement. We want to win these games, it’s a good feeling,” Lukaku said.

Lukaku is currently second in the division’s top scorers, with 18 goals trailing Cristiano Ronaldo at 19.