For Puyol, Guardiola is the best coach he had and the best coach in the world. You can immediately tell that a team is coached by Pep by the way it plays. That’s why he thinks that Pep will win the Champions League again.

Guardiola will win UCL again

Former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol said he is “convinced” that Pep Guardiola will raise another Champions League title to add a third to his overall race. However, the former defender is not sure whether the Catalan boss will achieve this feat with the current side of Manchester City. Considered as one of all Barcelona rowers, Carles spent his entire professional career at the club. Winning a total of three times Europe’s premier club competition, two of whom were Guardiola’s guardianship. The current City manager had not tasted European fame since his Camp Nou. Drawing closer during his time at Bayern when he reached the semi-finals. But Puyol feels that it’s only a matter of time before his old boss once again will make its mark.

Pep is the best coach for Puyol and in the world

“For me, Guardiola – I had the best coach and the best coach in the world,” the 41-year-old specialist told reporters.”You can immediately say that the team coaches Pep on how it plays. That’s why I am convinced that he will win this title again.”I can’t say whether it will be with Manchester City, but this competition will guide them since it’s almost impossible to catch Liverpool in the Premier League.”Man City fans could be forgiven for feeling confident, however. At the same time, the current English champions recorded a 2-1 victory in the first stage over Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu in round 16. Giving them the edge of what they look like, to reserve your place in the quarter-finals.

Bayern Munich are always among the favorites

However, Real Madrid are not the only ones who have to pass by. The old side of Pep’s Bayern was among the most convincing teams in the last match of the Champions League, scoring Chelsea 3-0 at Stamford Bridge. Some doubt the German side’s credibility because of their consistent dominance in the Bundesliga. But Carles believes that Bayern should be considered among the strongest contenders.”Bayern are always among the favorites,” he said. They have an experienced team, and they will undoubtedly be motivated to win this title again. At the knockout stage, small details are crucial – I know that from my own experience. Whoever is the most focused and stable, he will progress.

Given that European issues aren’t resolved at the moment, and attention is returning to internal actions, Puyol weighed Clasico’s upcoming meeting on Sunday at the Bernabeu – a clash in which his pre-match build-up, mainly like Barca, dominates and the form of this campaign inconsistent with Madrid. Like many others, Puyol feels that this is someone else’s game, saying: “Barcelona and Madrid always have great teams with extraordinary players. However, it’s correct that they didn’t play as consistently as we used to.”Both expelled from Copa del Rey, so there were only two chances to win the title.


The decisive weeks of the season were at the knockout stage in the Champions League, Clasico and the final stage of La Liga. “Let’s see what answers the team will come up with for the challenges that await. Of course, I hope that Barca will win it, but at the moment, everything is wide open.”