“James Rodriguez’s situation at Real Madrid is worrying”. Colombia head coach Carlos Queiroz has highlighted James Rodríguez’s situation at Real Madrid and how it could affect the footballer’s position with the national team.

James’s worrying situation

James Rodriguez’s “difficult situation” at Real Madrid is worrying Colombian coach Carlos Queiroz for this summer’s Copa America. This season, the talented player played just seven games for Madrid in La Liga after returning from a two-year contract at Bayern Munich. Scoring once and giving one assist. Rodriguez’s place on the Colombian team threatened due to his lack of minutes in Madrid. So Carlos Queiroz admitted that it was a “weird season” for 28-year-old.”The situation of James is bothering us. We know that at the moment he is in a severe case, this is a situation that is technically and professionally is not the best.”

He has a strange season

“But then there are other players who play even less. James’s business is extraordinary, it was a strange season for him, but all the coaching staff and I personally do everything possible to help Rodriguez. The situation with which is a little more complicated.”No one disputes the quality that James has. Even Santiago, defender of Atletico de Madrid, Arias, and Atalanta striker Luis Muriel, who are also in a difficult situation. Consequently, I do my best to ensure that the players are in the best condition. My responsibility is to ensure that they are all playable.”James has played a vital role in Colombia over the past decade. Finishing as top scorer in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where his nation reached the quarter-finals, and also helped the team finish third in Copa America 2016.

This year, Copa America is being held jointly by Colombia and Argentina, the final will be delivered in Barranquilla, while the start of the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is also on the horizon. Former Monaco striker Rodriguez is likely to be the key to Colombia’s chances of success if he can play his form while coach Queiroz is looking forward to becoming a co-host of Copa America. Queiroz added: “We love pressure, a feeling that gives us the motivation to perform better and be successful.”