Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has linked the success of Manchester United to pressure on referees from former Red Devils boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Carragher aired the TV show “The Football Show” on Sky Sports with former Manchester captain Gary Neville.

Carragher: Do you think Gary, the reason for Manchester United’s failure, is that Ferguson can no longer put pressure on the referees? I ask you this in all seriousness.

Neville: I think your words are just slander. By doing so, you are trying to convince Manchester United to win the title by bribing the referees.

Carragher: How do you explain the decline of the team from the first to the seventh or eighth place? By no longer having a coach who intimidated referees.

As reported by the British publication Mirror, after the end of the show, football experts received a warning from the producer of Sky, because these remarks may cause some problems for the channel.

Recall, Sir Alex Ferguson coached Manchester United from 1986 to 2013 and, together with the team, became the winner of the English Premier League 13 times.


An interesting story about Fergie by Patrice Evra


Patrice Evra recalled his time at the club with the official website of Manchester United and told an unknown story about Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Honestly, when you win the title for the third, fourth, and fifth time, you don’t celebrate as much as before. You celebrate in front of the cameras, but that emotion isn’t real.”

Ferguson taught us all how to be like iron people. When we won matches, I didn’t feel satisfied. It was something normal for me.

I always mention that Deschamps taught me to win. Ferguson taught me that victory is normal. I remember when we had a big win against Liverpool, he told me – “good job, son.”

He never shouted, except in one case, when we won the Champions League final. Winning the championship was just a normal event.

When you wear a United T-shirt, remember that you are not using this team, it is you playing for Manchester. This is why you are so popular on social media.

Let me tell you a story: we had pre-season preparations. We were exhausted after the match. We were on the bus. An army of fans was standing there. – If we did not give the autograph to the fans, it meant that none of us should do. We had a rule just like that.

I looked out the window, and what I see is Alex Ferguson standing up and giving all of them an autograph. By oath, he stood for exactly 45 minutes and handed out autographs.

When Ferguson got on the bus, he told us – “What the hell are you thinking ?! These people are paying you. They’re coming to see your game. Now get down and give each fan an autograph. That was Fergie’s mentality.”