Dani Carvajal says that he is ready to face Barcelona next week. Spanish defender noted that Real Madrid would try best to win at the Nou Camp.

Security concerns about the El Clasico in Catalonia

As you may know, there are serious political issues in Barcelona, Catalonia. People living in Catalonia believe that part of Spain should be separated from the country. Native people living in Catalonia believe that a particular part of Spain is separate, and they should take full responsibility. The central government decided to not listen to Catalonian politicians who have decided to take Catalonia from Spain. As of now, those Catalonian politicians are in jail. That’s why people living in Barcelona went full riot and raided the city. There were many political movements in the last few months.

The initial date of El Clasico was in October. Political movements changed the decision of La Liga, and they have postponed the match on 18th December. Experts still believe that match could be very problematic due to political movements.

Dani Carvajal said that he is not afraid of political movements. Spanish defender believes that the Spanish Football Federation will do everything to make a match in safe hands.

Winning at Nou Camp – the goal of Dani Carvajal

Real Madrid’s defender wants to succeed in Barcelona. Dani said that it’s the only goal for Real Madrid players. Zidane and the team want to visit Barcelona, win the match and leave the place right after the game.

Dani Carvajal believes that it won’t be easy for Real Madrid. Los Blancos players have enough confidence to score many goals in Catalonia.

From Valencia to Barcelona

Los Blancos defender said that Real Madrid has fewer hours than Barcelona. The Catalonian team plays a match on Saturday. The same scenario goes with Real Madrid. There is only one issue – Real Madrid will have to play against Valencia six hours later than Barcelona.

Dani Carvajal believes that six hours difference will decide many things. Legs need to rest, and every hour counts.