Brazilian midfielder Casemiro met with journalists after the match against Valencia. Defensive midfielder talked about the upcoming finale of Supercopa and the relationship with Mourinho.

First meet-up with Jose Mourinho

As you may know, Casemiro started playing for Real Madrid under Jose Mourinho. Back in 2012, Casemiro recalled his meeting with Jose. The midfielder believes that it was a significant moment for his professional career. The trust of a coach like Jose Mourinho was vital for his success.

Jose Mourinho’s motivation speech

Casemiro recalled one match in La Liga. He met with Jose Mourinho before the game and listened to the Portuguese’ motivation speech. Mourinho told Jose about the quality and skills that the Brazilian defensive midfielder has.

Jose told Casemiro to acknowledge the skills and power he has. Mourinho said Casemiro that the coach believes he is the best defensive midfielder in the world. Casemiro told the press that it was the most motivational moment in his career. The midfielder said that after this speech, he left the hotel to go to Stadium. On the road to Santiago Bernabeu, Casemiro says that he was the happiest man alive.

Casemiro says that motivation is very important for every player. It is the coach’s privilege and advantage to encourage players to win any possible match.

Match against Valencia in the semi-final of Supercopa

Brazilian midfielder noted that match against Valencia was successful due to midfield system. player praised Zidane’s approach and using five midfielders in starting line-up. At the same time, it’s essential to focus on the match against Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid’s player believes that the central point of traveling to Jeddah is to win this trophy of the year. Brazilian midfielder believes that success comes after suffering. Real Madrid’s midfielder noted team players couldn’t avoid suffering during the match if they want to win the trophy for fans. Casemiro promised a very intense game on Sunday evening.