Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani has admitted he decided to join the Red Devils after the club’s 5-year interest.

The 34-year old also admits that his brother, who is also his agent, kept all doors open. Cavani moved to Old Trafford on deadline day and has proved useful, netting 7 goals in 24 games.

“My brother, as my representative, out of respect for the clubs, because, for work, they often called him. And there were a lot of people, whether people from a club or another club to speak.

“He never closed any doors, out of respect, not necessarily because there was an interest in going,” Cavani said.

“This opened up and made it possible for many people to start giving their opinion and saying that Cavani would go here or there,” he added.

Rumors did not sway Cavani, but a close relationship with his brother (Agent) help them decide to join Manchester United.

“It was a time when there was a lot of talk and that where there were many comings and goings. Something already more internal with my brother. And we decided to come to Manchester.

“There was this interest, not today, but from a time close and a little further, something like five years,” he added.

The Manchester United no. 7 insisted that he does not look at the differences in quality between France football and England’s.

However, he admits preparation in the Premier League is much better.

“I believe that one of the things I have always said about football is that all leagues have different characteristics. And that is not why one is inferior to the other,” he said.

Cavani reminded the football fraternity that the French team was one of the finalists in the UEFA champions league.

“Let us not forget that one of the last finalists in the Champions League was a French team.

“So, there are things that football, for me, is football, no matter where you play, who you play against,” he continued.

“Football is football, even though today it has become a very big business, with teams depending on tickets to have economic power, with the marketing and visibility that one can have. They try to use this to show what each country can offer. But, for me, I already said what I think,” he concluded.