Dwight Yorke approved the transfer of Edinson Cavani to the leaders of Manchester United.

On the last day of the recent transfer window, Manchester United signed Edinson Cavani on a two-year contract. The Uruguayan forward was enrolled in the “Red Devils” as a free agent.

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke responded to the transfer. Yorke thinks that El Matador will strengthen his former team quite a bit. Moreover, Trinidad believes that the attack of the Uruguayan Solskjaer team will be as strong as the previous line of Liverpool:

I think we are among the teams that have the strongest offensive line in the Premier League.

Liverpool and Manchester City have the best offensive line. Tottenham have also strengthened significantly in this position and are now quite a dangerous team.

I think with the addition of Cavani, the leaders made a good decision. The attacking trio, where Cavani will also play, will pose a big puzzle to rival teams.