As you know, Leeds are back in the Premier League after a 16-year hiatus. The owner of the club does not rule out Edinson Cavani’s transfer.

Leeds United have returned to the English Premier League and, of course, will have to strengthen their squad for next season, as one is the requirements of the championship, and the other is the Premier League.

The owner of the club, Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani, does not rule out the transfer of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani to “Elan Road.” However, this issue must be agreed with head coach Marcelo Bielsa beforehand, as the Argentine specialist decides all transfer issues:

Andrea Radrizzani: “It is challenging to buy Ibrahimovic. We tried this in January, but he chose Milan, and as a result, the idea disappeared. Now I think it’s too late because the intensity of English football is different. As for Cavani, it might indeed be relevant to us. The matter has not yet been discussed with Marcelo Bielsa, and any transfer negotiations will begin with his reference. If he agrees, we will try to add Cavani.”

Recall that Leeds United earned a trip to the Premier League on 17 July and returned to the EPL after a 16-year hiatus. As for Edinson Cavani, his contract with PSG expires. So, he will leave the club at the end of the season.