Today we will hear the legendary soundtrack of Champions League. Finally, the most significant European league is back in action, and we will have few crazy matches on the first day.

It’s still the group stage, but we have few “deadly” groups already including PSG and Real Madrid, Barcelona and Dortmund, etc.

What can we expect on the first matchday of the Champions League? Let’s preview the Tuesday matches. Today we will see the matches of Group E, F, G, and H. 

Most importantly, everyone will be paying attention to Italy, where Napoli is hosting Liverpool.

Group E Preview

Champions’ League group E is exciting because of teams. With the current champion, we also have Napoli, Salzburg, and Genk. Austrian and Belgium teams are on a bit lower level as Liverpool is the main favorite. Who can fight for the second position? Napoli is in good form as Ancelotti hopes for big results. In Italy, the team has fierce competition with Juventus, but Carlo trusts his current squad.

As it seems, Liverpool and Napoli will qualify for 1/8 finals easily. Yes, there will be tough matches especially in Salzburg, but experts believe that Napoli and Liverpool are the main favorites

Napoli V Liverpool

We will see Napoli and Liverpool today as an opening match. Liverpool hopes for the comfortable game, but it’s unlikely. Jürgen Klopp met with journalists and talked about the Champions League match.

German coach mentioned that the away match in Italy would be very hard. Jürgen said that despite winning the Champions League trophy, still, Liverpool is not the best team in Europe. So, Liverpool players are waiting for a tough match.

On the other hand, Carlo Ancelotti is waiting for a tactical game. Italian coach talked about a plan with journalists on Monday. Carlo mentioned that there are still issues in defense, but he hopes for the best outcome on Tuesday.

We will a real fight for the first position. If Napoli gets three points today, Italians will have a strong argument to fist position.

Salzburg – Genk

It will be a match for the third position indeed. As the football experts believe, both teams have a chance for the third position because they can’t compete with Liverpool or Napoli.

Salzburg is favorite for this match, but Genk could be a real surprise. Salzburg players are in perfect form as they have won the last five consecutive games in the domestic league. Both teams have a full squad ready as there is no severe injury update.