There will be a Champions League madness in the April of 2021. After an international break, everyone will be ready for Champions League games.

¼ finals without Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s the first time that the Champions League is without Ronaldo or Messi. Both players had the biggest impact on the Champions League tournament. Some fans even call the Champions League as a “Ronaldo’s tournament”. It’s sad to see how legends get old and they can’t get enough help to qualify for the next round. Keep in mind that Barcelona was beaten by PSG in the ⅛ finals. PSG won the tie without Neymar’s help. Brazilian player was injured and could not help his team. At the same time, Kylian Mbappe was so motivated that he scored a hat-trick at Nou Camp.

Juventus could not win a tie against Porto. Portuguese club did everything to stop Ronaldo and his teammates. Cristiano Ronaldo was very active but ‘last minute’ mistakes were costly and the team could not qualify to the next round. There will be no Messi and Ronaldo in the ¼ finals of the Champions league and it could be a sad fact for many football fans.

Biggest game Between Bayern Munich and PSG

Some fans will say that there is another game between Liverpool and Real Madrid but if we look at this game, then it’s easy to spot the most interesting tie. Keep in mind that Bayern Munich played against PSG in the final game of the Champions League last season. That will be extra-motivation for PSG to turn things around. Keep in mind that Bayern Munich scored only one goal in that final and won the title. PSG was very close to scoring a goal but they failed miserably. Di Maria, Neymar, Icardi and Kylian Mbappe wanted to create a history with PSG but they could not. The draw of ¼ finals gave those players another chance to turn the table around.