Football is a game of tales. Champions League is endorsing radical changes that could be too much for Premier League clubs to resist with greater riches guaranteed.

English Premier League

Nothing could be more thrilling than watching football in a crowd full of fans each supporting their team.

After a busy week, I held out little hope of watching English football in one of the entertaining resorts last Saturday.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The early kick-off at Anfield, the 3 pm at old Trafford and the late one at Carrow Road was being shown live.

According to statistics, Premier League has become a juggernaut of a global brand. On match-days, you will surely prove this to be right.

One of the best things I heard from a fan while watching the end of Bournemouth vs Everton raised peculiar questions in my mind. I wondered, and of course, tried to figure out when the pendulum might swing away.

He said, “The rest of Europe will only put up with the English taking all the money for so long.”

The changes

Let’s rewind last season’s, Premier League. Huddersfield finished bottom of the League and took home £20m more than the champions of Italy. It surely is unsustainable.

Threats of a breakaway super league spearheaded by Andrea Agnelli means, UEFA will propose a radical change to the Champions League format from 2024. This can draw dramatic effect on the English game.

They want to bring in four groups of eight instead of eight groups of four. Each club playing six games between September and December can play 14.

The inevitable consequence of this is that domestic leagues will have to shrink.

To further dilute the English powers, there are talks of moving the Champions League to the lucrative weekend TV slots. This will definitely force more Premier League games into midweek.

The Big Question

Will the big six clubs in the Premier League be able to resist especially as the new format guarantees the richest clubs with the biggest global support automatic places in the competition regardless of where they finished in the League?

Guaranteeing the biggest clubs in Europe a seat at the top table at the expense of smaller clubs would be opposite of the sporting ideal. One thing we know is, greed long ago won that contest.

A Champions League closed shop would lock in the teams the world wants to see and blow every other competition out.

Well, let’s wait and see what the big six clubs will settle on because naturally, they will fight it.