Since moving from Liverpool in 2014, Suárez has won 13 major trophies with Barca, including the La Liga three-ruble, the Copa del Rey, and the Champions League in his first season in Spain.

‘Phenomenal’ strengths to recover from biting bans

According to former Liverpool striker Charlie Adam, Luis Suarez has shown “phenomenal” strengths to recover from biting bans to become a Barcelona star. Since moving from Liverpool in 2014, Suárez has won 13 major trophies with Barca, including the La Liga three-ruble, the Copa del Rey, and the Champions League in his first season in Spain. The Uruguayan star secured a switch to Camp Nou after a fantastic Premier League campaign in 2013-2014, in which he scored 31 goals in 33 league matches to win the European Golden Boot and be crowned the PFA player of the year and the Premier League player of the season. However, Suarez could not make his debut at Barca until October 25, after he was banned for four months by FIFA for biting of Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.

Suarez convicted of a crime three times

It was the third time in his football career that Suarez was convicted of a crime, the player bit Otman Bakkal during a game for Ajax in 2010, and then Branislav Ivanovic from Chelsea three years later, as a result of which he was given a ban on ten games. Adam, who played for the Suarez team in his first season at Liverpool in 2011-12, says the way the striker has kicked in his career is remarkable. “He will be disappointed with what happened, how he got involved in the situation, both situations, and how it happened, “Adam said.” But the way he bounced off this mental viscosity was unbelievable. I still say that he is one of the best centers forwards in the world, where he could take up a defense on his own.

He is hungry to score goals

“He is hungry to score goals, and he plays for one of the best teams in the world with the greatest player I have ever seen, Leo Messi. It is phenomenal to see that he took this step up.” It was essential for him when he left Liverpool to go to Barcelona, ​​and everyone thought that “is he the right type of player for Barcelona?” but he was phenomenal, and I was grateful that I could share the dressing room with him.” Adam was extremely impressed with the link between Messi and Suarez at Barca, which has earned four League titles over the past five seasons. Even when Neymar was there, three of them seemed to be connected. There was no ego about one of the players, they want the best for the team, and that is an essential thing.

You have to manipulate Messi’s game to suit him

“You saw it when they signed Ousmane Dembele. He was a different type of player who was all about him. When you are at Barcelona, it’s all about one person, and that’s Lionel Messi. It’s not disrespectful, but you have to try and to manipulate his game to suit him because he is the main person. But Dembele did not go there and expressed how Neymar did. “Neymar knew that at that time, he would not be the main person, but he got his head down, knuckle down, and they were a great success together, three of them. “In 2012, Adam moved to Stoke City, where he played with former Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic and ex-Real Madrid player Jesé Rodriguez.

Bojan Krkic was phenomenal

None of the players were able to fulfill his promise with the Potters. At the same time, Bojan – whose best run of the form was interrupted by a severe injury. Now plays under the leadership of Thierry Henry on the side of the Montreal Impact at MLS, and Jesé returned with Sporting CP in Portugal, on loan from Paris Saint-Germain. “Bojan was a player who came from the pedigree of where he played, Barcelona, he’d been at Roma, and he was somewhere else Ajax, and then he came to Stoke. And from the first day he just hit the ground with a run, he was phenomenal,” recalls Adam. On day one, he could see the talent that he had, but most of all, he was a great guy.

He was a great guy who was in the dressing room, always laughing and joking. But his mentality of working hard was incredible.

Because of the knee injury, Bojan’s life went the other way

“The only thing in Bojan was when he got that knee injury, that is when his football went the other way. He had to change and adapt his match, he was not as sharp as he was, but he was a phenomenal player. “It’s a pity that an injury like this limits someone’s career because it could be extraordinary for Stoke. I loved playing with him, and I played that night against Rochdale in an FA Cup match in January 2015 when he made his cruciate, and it was heartbreaking for the guys to see him because he was a great guy in the dressing room and it was disappointing for him. “Jese was where he came to the club from Real Madrid, and he was a miracle boy at Real Madrid.

He suffered a severe knee injury from this projectile with Sead Kolasinac for Madrid against Schalke in 2014, and as a result, he also received a cruciate ligament injury. Probably, he never realized either the potential or the career that he was going to have before this injury, and that is what serious injuries do to you. For Jese, I think a lot of other things happened from the field that probably never helped, and it was difficult.” It was strange, but as a group of players, you have to adapt, and you have to try your hand, but, unfortunately, it never worked out for him.”