Giorgio Chiellini thinks that Ronaldo deserves Ballon d’Or in 2018. Juventus defender said that Real Madrid did everything to deny Ronaldo’s sixth Ballon d’Or.

Giorgio believes in Ronaldo’s greatness

Juventus defender congratulated Messi for the sixth Ballon d’Or award. Giorgio said that it’s a huge success when someone reaches a height of Lionel. At the same time, Chiellini noted that Ronaldo had to win the sixth award last year.

Ronaldo was robbed, that’s how Giorgio explained last year’s Ballon d’Or. Giorgio strongly believes that Real Madrid officials have something related to theft. Giorgio called it as a theft of century because Ronaldo deserved it with its 100% belief.

Chiellini thinks that best for Juventus has yet to come

Juventus defender believes that best for the team is still in progress. Chiellini noted that Juve has the best player in the world, and they can trust him at any point. As of now, Juventus is struggling a bit in Italy and has a good start in the Champions League. Giorgio has an injury and can’t play in 2019. Italian defender believes that he will be back from injury soon. It will take a few more weeks for his leg to heal from trauma. At the same time, Giorgio notes that without him, Juve plays well because DeLight is in perfect shape.

Juventus sporting director believes in Ronaldo

According to Paratici, Cristiano wants to win Ballon d’Or with Juventus. Sporting directors understand that last season was not ideal for Ronaldo. At the same time, Paratici believes that Ronaldo is the best player in the world.

Bianconeri director noted that Ronaldo worked hard for Serie A MVP award. Keep in mind that Paratici was the main person in Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus last year. According to Paratici, Ronaldo deserves current Ballon d’Or, but Messi and Luka Modric were also in good shape. Paratici mentioned that Ronaldo could win Ballon d’Or next year after few trophies with Juventus and Portugal.