Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich insisted he was planning ahead at Stamford Bridge amid ongoing speculation that the Russian oligarch might sell the club.

Chelsea has a very rich history

Abramovich has not attended a match at Stamford Bridge since 2018 after his UK visa was not renewed due to political tensions between the UK and Russian governments. Although there have been several applications from potential owners in recent years, Abramovich did not say in a rare interview that he was ready to sell.  “The ambition is as true now as it was when I first became an owner, and I hope this can be seen through the work we’ve done on and off the pitch over the past 17 years,” Abramovich said. “I think the trophies speak for themselves and show what we as a club have achieved over the years, and my goal for us is to keep winning trophies ahead and build for the future. “Chelsea has a very rich history and I am very fortunate to play a role in this. The club was here before me and will be here after me, but my job is to ensure that we are as successful as we can be today and also to build for the future “.

Abramovich also defended his club’s revolving doors policy in a leadership position, with the Blues having 15 head coaches in 18 years as owner. The owner said the Chelsea culture “is definitely focused on performance, it is at the same time supportive, inclusive and diverse. Both elements are critical to our success and one does not work without the other. I think we are pragmatic in our choices. And we are comfortable with making the right changes at the right time to ensure that our long-term ambitions are achieved. “Hopefully it also says something about the clarity of the club’s long-term aspirations. Those who join understand both the serving goals and the broader positive role the club plays in the community.”


Abramovich helped turn the Blues into one of England’s top clubs

Under his ownership, the Blues have won the Premier League five times, the FA Cup five of England, the League Cup three times, the Europa League twice, and the Champions League in 2012. The Blues are looking to avoid running two campaigns in a row without a trophy this season, with the club’s most recent silverware when they won the Europa League in 2018-19.