A fun story happened to Aymeric Laporte on Twitter. The French defender changed his name on the social network because of this.

Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte has changed his name on Twitter. It used to be French Aymeric Laporte, now you will find him as I’m’Eric Laporte. The City player decided to change the name after a fun story.

Laporte’s one of the fans, Chris Phillips, wrote after recovering from the injury: “It’s good to be back Eric. Please stay in shape all season because we’re perfect only when you play.”

As you can see, Chris Phillips referred to Aymeric Laporte by another name – “Eric.” Apparently, he thought Laporte’s name was Eric and not Aymeric. The Frenchman replied to Chris Phillips: “Who is Eric?”

Laporte wrote another comment. For example, one of the Twitter users, Noah, writes: “Your name is Eric? I thought Aym was just a funny way (instead of I’m) I’m writing Eric Laport ‘.”

After this curious story, the 26-year-old footballer decided to change his name on Twitter and wrote – “Guys, you’ve won.”

The number of comments on the Manchester City defender’s Twitter is growing rapidly, with many players and sports publications responding to the fun story.