Shaun Wright-Phillips feels the winter break and Manchester City’s postponed match against West Ham could be detrimental for Pep Guardiola’s squad.



Extreme weather conditions by the “Storm Ciara”

According to Shaun Wright-Phillips, the location of Manchester City with West Ham should be rescheduled. As soon as possible so that the Premier League champions do not lose momentum. Sunday at Etihad Stadium was supposed to take the Guardiola’s side of the Hammers. But the match was triggered due to extreme weather conditions caused by the ‘Storm Ciara.’ “City” won nine of their previous ten games in all competitions, but still suffered a 2-0 unexpected defeat at Tottenham earlier this month. Which allowed Liverpool to transfer 22 points in the top league.


Chelsea could have bounced off a victory over West Ham. This raises morale, but now you have to wait 12 days before your next walk against Leicester at the King Power Stadium due to a winter break in the Premier League. Wright-Phillips would have preferred his old club to return to the field earlier. So that the level of motivation within the team would remain, heading towards the business end of the season. “It was always difficult for me if the match was postponed. You accumulate so many emotions, are ready to go out, and get a victory, and this happens. To be honest, it’s a little depressing. I think for me as a player I would prefer it to be postponed this weekend, “the former City winger told reporters.

“I think it’s more,” where do you put it? “For Man City, and the team at the top or even the team at the bottom. If you get in your step at that time, a winter break can almost break it, and when you return, you could do the opposite.” It’s hard, especially when you return from vacation to maintain this momentum. “However, Wright-Phillips nevertheless agreed that the break might have come at an” ideal time “for Raheem Sterling. He is struggling to return to full fitness after suffering a hamstring injury.


Man City should focus on their form

“I would rather just play continuously, to be honest with you. But, as you said, the game is much different now,” said the former international of England. “Maybe a plus for Raheem with the problem of” rudeness, “it could have come at an ideal time so that he would recover and be ready for it after.” It seems that Liverpool are destined to win their first league title in 30 years. Which came in May, winning 24 of their 25 places, as well as extending their unbeaten run to 42 top-flight matches. Wright-Phillips says City should focus on his form, rather than how well Liverpool does, as he sees little chance that Jurgen Klopp’s team will slip away over the next few months.


“I wouldn’t be so worried about their form. I think they are doing well,” he said. “I just think that their problem is that Liverpool are doing so well that they don’t even lose a single point – they just win.” If you go back to the seasons, like when you had the Invincibles. Then they lowered would have points for a draw. While Liverpool takes these draws and turns them into victories, which makes them even harder to catch. “This season, Guardiola did not name the same starting XI in games in a row. But Wright-Phillips believes that rotation is necessary to maintain morale. As he added: “I think it’s hard for every player but with a team the standard player. Which he has, he should turn to keep people happy. “It’s hard. Usually, it was never a problem, so it’s interesting to hear what it is now.”