After the match against Brugge, Real Madrid fans were curious about the goalkeeper choice. Belgian keeper started the game against Brugge but substituted him in the second half. Areola played in the second half and saved the team twice from a sharp attack of Belgians. What happened with Courtois? Has Zidane changed mind?

No one has a guaranteed place in the starting lineup.

Zidane met with journalists on Friday. Frenchman talked about a few interesting things. First of all, Zidane said that no one has a place in Real Madrid’s starting team. French coach mentioned the goalkeepers’ situation. As it seems, Zinedine is still with Courtois, and he will be back pretty soon. Los Blancos coach said that Courtois has stomach problems and will be out till the end of the international break.

Fans are not happy with Belgian goalkeeper

Belgian keeper, Courtois, is not in good shape for the last few matches. Since the Navas departure, Courtois became the number one choice but can’t be reliable. Courtois has conceded a goal in almost every game. MARCA experts believe that the first half against Brugge was the last drop of patience for Zidane. Courtois could not help the team and conceded two hilarious goals. French coach admitted that Real Madrid conceded two very laughable goals. That statement from the coach was enough for journalists to start debate about goalkeeper choice.

Rotations between La Liga and Champions League could be vital

Zidane’s statement about the starting lineup is true. Los Blancos coach loves rotation and giving playing minutes to different players. In 2017, Real Madrid won La Liga and Champions League. At the same time, Zidane was giving playing time to 20 players. Real Madrid had two different teams, so-called “A-Team” and “B Team.” Zidane is the following same success recipe and wants to win a minimum of two trophies this season.

Courtois talked about the pressure from fans.

After the Tuesday match, Courtois met with journalists and talked about the pressure he got from fans. MARCA journalists asked about the current situation in the team. Courtois said that fans are not happy with his shape and performance. Belgian keeper said that in Real Madrid you have to deal with pressure. According to Courtois, it’s the everyday life of Madrid players, and they have to deal with all kinds of trouble. The goalkeeper is not going to give up his spot in the starting lineup. On the other hand, Areola will try best to use Zidane’s trust while Courtois is absent.