Dana is back with another episode of the “Off the pitch”. She will review the latest rumors and transfer news in the world of football.

Chelsea’s management is not happy with Lampard

After the midweek defeat against Leicester, Chelsea’s management fully lost the confidence in Frankie. Keep in mind that Lampard is still the main coach of the team and during the press-conference, he said that the team will try best to recover from this situation. Experts believe that Chelsea lost chances already for the champion title of the Premier League. At the same time, Chelsea is out of the cup of England, so it’s a very devastating situation for Lampard.

Who could be the next coach of Chelsea? This question is very popular in London right now. Experts name different coaches that could replace Frank Lampard. The main candidate could be Tuchel or Nagelsmann. Tuchel is free as he was replaced by Pochettino at PSG. He is ready to start work immediately. The case with Nagelsmann is different. He is still the main coach of Leipzig and the team has chances to win Bundesliga, Cup and Champions League still. So, it won’t be a gentleman move from Nagelsmann to leave the team in this situation. He may sign a contract with Chelsea at the end of the season. Meanwhile, Frank Lampard is still the coach of Chelsea.

Dele Ali wants to move from London to Paris?

Mourinho is not happy with Dele Ali. During the interviews, Jose is criticizing the winger of England’s national team. Once Mourinho said that Dele Ali is a very boring person who is also lazy and can’t keep up with the main squad’s members. Dele Ali is not happy in London anymore. But can he re-discover his best form before leaving London? Experts want to see a new version of Dele Ali. At the same time, a new version of Dele Ali is not visible and probably won’t be visible in Premier League. He got a chance to play only 74 minutes in the Premier League this season. Pochettino is a new coach of PSG, so he might leave Tottenham for Parisians.

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