As you know, it has already been announced that in the continuation of Serie A, the clubs will have the right to make five changes during the game due to specific reasons.

This fact will water some clubs’ mills. But, on the other side, it is not at all positive for the other clubs.

Take, for example, “Juventus” has 23 players who are fighting for the start. The people of Turin are full of vampires, so five changes are very good for them.

It’s about the same for Inter. The Milanese have a wide range of choices, but other than that, while other clubs really can’t be proud of being strong in this component.

Take, for example, Lazio, who are having a great season and are just one point behind first-placed Juve. Inzaghi has a good team, but does the spare chair have such strength? No, the Romans cannot boast of strong substitutes, so this fact, in some sense, cannot be entirely useful to them.


“Inter will win the Scudetto, Juve will finish third.”


Calciomercato’s famous journalist, Giancarlo Padovani, has made his own prediction about the current season’s basketball race:

“In my opinion, the Scudetto interior will win because this team can do better than others in a short period of time.

Juventus will go to the third place, because all the attention will be focused on the Champions League, and besides, there are severe problems in the team’s attack.

As for Lazio, they are very motivated. But unfortunately, they are inexperienced, “said the Italian.