You may have already known that last night, Juventus lost to Olympique Lyon 1: 0 in the Champions League 1/8 finals. The most dramatic thing for fans is that Juventus players did not even kick on the target during the whole match. After failing to meet the fans’ expectations, the Old Lady must do their best in the second leg.

This is only the third time in the Champions League in the 21st century that Juventus have failed to score. Turin recorded a similar terrible result in 2006 against Arsenal and in 2014 against Atletico.


Sarri talks about the reasons for losing against Olympique Lyon


Maurizio Sarri, head coach of Juventus, commented after the match:

“It is not easy to explain the reasons for the loss, though in the first half my players were playing slowly, the pace was slow, and I could not make them understand it.

We were a little unfortunate as we conceded the goal after De Ligt was sidelined due to his injury.

My players played better in the second half. We were more active, but just being active is not enough to win a Champions League match,” – Sarri said.


Lyon coach: “We won against Juventus, but the main goal was different.”


After a 1: 0 win against Juventus, Lyon head coach Rudy Garcia also made a comment:

“We won, but the main thing is that we did not concede a goal at home. That was very important for us against the Juventus level team.

We saw two different halves. I’m happy with the first half. In the second half, we gave up the reins, and it is good that we were not punished for that.

Of course, nothing is finished yet, and everything will be finally settled in Turin, where the most challenging game awaits us, “says Garcia.