According to Benevento, two teams are hiding Coronavirus. The outsiders want to ruin the tournament in order to keep their place in Serie A.

The Italian championship has not been renewed yet. But the Italian press, based on the leader of the Serie B, Benevento, writes about the conspiracy theory. According to Benevento, two teams in Serie A are hiding the virus, so that later, already when the championship starts, they will disclose this information and disrupt the tournament.

This theory has the right to exist given that the outsiders of Serie A, the teams that are in danger of being relegated, did not want to renew the tournament. They wanted this season to be annulled and thus keep their place in Serie A the following season.


The fate of Benevito is still unclear


The excitement of Benevento is understandable. This team leads the Serie B by 20 points and is guaranteed to play in Serie A next season. However, if the championship fails, the fate of Benevento will be unclear. The city mayor has already demanded an urgent investigation.

Especially since on Friday, the clubs voted and agreed that if the championship is canceled, the results will be canceled altogether, and no decision will be made according to the existing table. In other words, disrupting the tournament will actually work for the outsiders.

All of this was led by strict regulations in other major European countries in Italy. So, if the virus is confirmed, not just the infected player, but the entire team must go to quarantine.

Leicester (25 points), Spall (18) and Brescia (16) are currently in the relegation zone of Serie A.