Arsenal is struggling to create chances in the Premier League since the beginning of the 2020/21 season as the former Tottenham star tries to help to solve the problem.

Less than a year after he left Tottenham for Inter Milan, Christian Eriksen is out of Conte’s favor. The midfielder is actually considered as a fringe player in the squad having been offered only three Serie A starts this season.

Inevitably, the situation has resulted to speculations of Eriksen plotting to make another move-a situation he has acknowledged ahead of the January transfer window.

“This isn’t what I dreamed of. I think all players want to play as much as possible. But the coach ultimately decides who gets to go in the pitch”. Said Eriksen.

“It’s a bit of a strange situation as the fans want to see my playing more and so would I. But the coach has different ideas and as a player, I have to respect that”.

“After all, things aren’t going well for Inter right now, but I acknowledge there were many victories when I wasn’t playing last season too”.

“For now, I am concentrating only on my football, then we’ll see when the transfer window opens if something will happen or not”.

Eriksen’s commented alerted a host of top clubs around Europe. Despite the struggles for a game, the midfielder remains an unquestionably talented player, a No.10 with the zeal and creativity to transform teams”.

Why Arsenal should monitor Eriksen.

Signing the Dane international would inevitably bring controversy, given his affiliation with Tottenham. Also, a few fans might be against the move out of principle. However, Arsenal will be fully aware of what he could offer to Arteta’s team.

In eight Premier League games, Arsenal has managed nine goals. This is a concerning return that has become the focus of criticism towards Arteta especially after the 3-0 defeat by Aston Villa.

Nonetheless, Thomas Partey has added composure and coolness to Arsenal’s midfield. However, it is clear there is a palpable lack of creativity. Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka, and Dani Ceballos are effective but none is a natural No 10.

This means Arsenal’s build-up play has often been static and unimaginative. No one is available to pick the lock, collect the ball in pockets of space, and slip a pass-through to the attacking players. Were it possible, Arsenal would have turned to Mesut Ozil who now seems to be exactly what Arteta is missing in the team.

However, Eriksen who is at his career peak might be a better option. Suppose he is available at a reduced price, Arsenal should not be deterred by the Tottenham connection.