Barca are currently thinking of their financial issues, which may disrupt transfers of the two most wanted targets.

Barcelona is worried about their financial income. According to ESPN, because of Coronavirus, the Catalan club may not be able to add to their primary targets – Neymar and Lautaro Martinez.

The point is that the pandemic has significantly affected the club’s budget. Accordingly, because of reduced finances, the team will probably be unable to transfer both of these players.

If the situation has not changed significantly by the summer, Barcelona could be reluctant to transfer only one of the targets.


Vidal is an integral part of Lautero’s transfer


Inter are still interested in hiring Arturo Vidal. During the winter transfer, Conte invited the 32-year-old midfielder to Inter. But Vidal decided to stay in Barcelona, ​​after which he began to receive more playing time in Blaugrana.

According to the Italian press, Conte, who has been very familiar with Arturo since he worked in Juventus, will try to return to the Chilean player to Serie A once again in the summer. It is possible that Vidal was also involved in the transfer of Lautaro Martinez


Arthur and Arturo instead of Lautaro


Inter Milan are asking for € 150 million for Lautaro Martinez. For Barcelona, this is a lot of money. So, they are thinking of inserting their player or players in the transfer.

We all know that it is in the interest of Nerazzuri and specifically their head coach Antonio Conte to add old friend Arturo Vidal. The Milan people have been working on bringing Arturo up to this point. But he plays well, and the Catalans kept him in their team. However, the desire to take Lautaro may outweigh and make Barca give up on both Arturo and Arthur.  Yes, now Inter’s liking to add Arturo as well. It cost Barca 31 million euros (plus bonuses) at the time.

Barca may agree to give up both in order to seize Lautaro and, at the same time, reduce the direct payments.