Real Madrid’s goalkeeper met with journalists and talked about Los Blanco’s improved performance in the last few weeks.

Gareth Bale and his commitment

Belgian goalkeeper said that Gareth Bale is 100% committed to Real Madrid. Keeper noted that if Bale is not committed, then how he could play so well on Saturday?

Thibout said that Bale does his best for both country and club. According to him, Golf is just a hobby, and journalists should not mix hobby with the profession. Real’s keeper mentioned that Bale gives the best in every training session, and he seems very confident. On Saturday, Bale played well in given 20 minutes and could score a goal.

Bale’s incident with the flag of Wales

Spanish journalists asked Courtois about the flag incident. The goalkeeper said that he has no comment about the flag incident. Keeper also noted that players couldn’t focus on the good thing every time, sometimes they have the right to have fun or joke about something.

Courtois noted that just like him, Bale is pleased with both Wales and Real Madrid. As of now, Bale seems very happy and confident to help Real Madrid winning trophies.

Criticism of Courtois from the start of the season

Belgian keeper said that criticism is widespread for him. Young players recalled his playing form in Atletico Madrid and Chelsea. He said that in both clubs, he was the subject of criticism. It’s very common for high-quality footballers, and they should not think about it.

Courtois said that his only job is to give 100% focus to coach and teammates. Real Madrid’s player said that goalkeeper has no right to lose confidence in him. If a keeper has lost self-confidence, then he can’t save a team from big moments.

Real Madrid’s goalkeeper said that he could only think about helping whites. According to Courtois, Zidane is helping him to improve every day during the training sessions.