Bayern Munich could score six goals against Werder Bremen. Bundesliga became very interesting as other teams took the lead, and now Bayern is in the fourth position.

Pre-match preparations

Bayern could win the match against Tottenham. A home match against the North London team ended in four goals thriller. Everything started with Bayern’s goal, but Tottenham answered with a beautiful goal in a few minutes. In the end, Bayern could score two more goals and won the match.

Unfortunately to Bayern fans, Kingsley Coman got the injury. As the medics say, French winger will be out for the next two months.

1st half of the match

Werder opened the score of the game. Bremen’s player, Rashica, scored a beautiful goal, and fans started worrying about the game. Fans did not have to wait for a long time. Bayern could turn the table around in the first half. Bayern began to demolish Werder in the 45th minute. Munich players could score the primary goal in the 45th minute. After Gnabry’s pass, Coutinho could score the goal.

The first half could end with a tie, but Robert Lewandowski had another plan. Brazilian midfielder gave an assist to Robert Lewandowski and forward scored the goal. Bayern could turn the table around until the end of the first half.

2nd half of the match

Bayern Munich continued demolishment in the second half. Flick’s players could score four more goals until the end of the game.

In the second half, Coutinho had a perfect performance. Brazilian midfielder scored two more goals and gave another assist. All of his goals were very beautiful, and the fans loved it. By the way, Coutinho gave two assists in the match and became the man of the game.

Along with Coutinho, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller scored goals in the second half. Robert Lewandowski scored two goals and increased the lead top scorers’ race. As of now, Robert Lewandowski has 18 goals and one assist.