9 clubs of Serie A are at once refusing to renew their training on May 18. The clubs do not like one of the rules in the league’s medical protocol.

Nine Serie A clubs are refusing to resume training on May 18 due to shortcomings in the league’s medical protocol. According to Italian media, Milan, Inter, Napoli, Fiorentina, Cagliari, Atalanta, Verona, Sampdoria, and Genoa are refusing to resume training.

As it turns out, clubs don’t like the medical protocol, according to which the entire team must be placed in a 15-day quarantine if a coronavirus is detected by at least one player or club employee.

The Italian clubs want the coaching process to be resumed in the same way as decided in the German Bundesliga, where only a sick player is scheduled to be placed in quarantine. In contrast, other players on the team will undergo a corresponding test.


Ivo Pulcini, the chief physician of Lazio, criticizes the medical protocol of Serie A


“I think it’s foolish to put the whole team in quarantine when the test on COVID 19 is positive for only one player. The scientific committee has not listened to those who work in sports medicine, is well aware of what is happening on the pitch, and just doesn’t sit at the table.

If someone in my team gets sick, I isolate him and then test the rest of the players. If others are healthy and the tests are negative, why should I treat them as well as the sick? Are we crazy? Do the members of the committee know about medicine at all? ” – Pulcini said.

Recall that previously Italian clubs agreed to resume the Serie A season on June 13. The country’s authorities must support the decision.