Cristiano Ronaldo was happy after the win against Barcelona. Juventus scored three goals at Nou Camp and won the group of the Champions League. 

Ronaldo’s relationship with Lionel Messi

As you may know, Ronaldo and Messi were main contenders in La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid for a decade. Those teams were main rivals and almost every trophy club or personal-wise was between Messi and CR7. For now, Messi has six ballon d’or and Ronaldo has only five. Yesterday, Ronaldo played against Messi for the first time in the last two years. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals and both came from the penalty spot. Keep in mind that first goal happened because Cristiano easily outplayed Lenglet.

After the match, Ronaldo said that Messi is his friend. Portuguese player noted that Messi hosted him with warm regards and he is very satisfied with it. Cristiano noted that he has a very good relationship with Messi and it’s been the same for a decade.

Playing at Nou Camp

Journalists asked Ronaldo about the return at Nou Camp. Cristiano said that it’s very hard for every player to play at Nou Camp. Barcelona is the leader of the Nou Camp and it’s not easy to take three points from there. Cristiano said that Barcelona is the best team he has ever faced in his long career. Ronaldo noted that Juventus is a very successful team. Italian club has shown a desire to win and take first position in the group. Ronaldo said that if Juventus keeps playing like this, they won’t fear anything. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to win the Champions League trophy with Juventus. As you may know, Real Madrid won three CL trophies in a row. That was due to Ronaldo’s perfect performance in this season. Juventus signed Ronaldo mostly for the Champions League.