Cristiano Ronaldo is feeling alone in Juventus. Italian journalists believe that no one is there to help Cristiano in the team.

The dream that did not happen

Ronaldo came to Juventus with big dreams. In the first interview, he said that Juve wanted to win the Champions League along with him. Nothing happened, Juventus could not even reach the final game of the Champions League. The current season of CL was even worse because Juve was eliminated from Champions League ⅛ finals by Porto. Cristiano Ronaldo could not impact on the tie against Porto and the team got eliminated. Cristiano Ronaldo was on fire in the first season playing for Juve. Keep in mind that he single-handedly won the game against Atletico Madrid – it was a responsive-tie. Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals and won the opportunity of ¼ finals. Unfortunately to Juve fans, Ronaldo did not have a magnificent performance in Champions League after that match.

Cristiano is feeling alone

Italian journalists believe that Cristiano is feeling alone. Yes, he is the top-scorer of Italian Serie A but the team almost lost a chance of winning Serie A title. Inter Milan has a perfect run in Italy, so Juventus has a very low chance to keep up with Conte’s team. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus at the end of the season. There will be a big tournament of Euro 2021 in June, so Cristiano will announce his decision after Euro 2021. Close friends of Portuguese say that Cristiano may leave Juventus but he is not sure about a new team. Some of the experts believe that he may rejoin Manchester United. Team is getting stronger, so Cristiano will have better chances to score more goals in Premier League and Champions League. Manchester United is getting close to the Uefa Europa League final game and the team will qualify for the Champions League next season. So, it’s a perfect team for Cristiano.