Cristiano Ronaldo could not score a goal or impact on the game. Juve is out of the Champions League and fans are disappointed.


Juventus could not win a tie against Porto

Portuguese team fought until the very end. Juventus lost the first tie against Porto in Portugal and the team could not make a huge impact in the second game. Keep in mind that Cristiano Ronaldo played in both games but he could not make a serious impact. Everyone says that the Champions League is Ronaldo’s tournament but he can’t go into the semi-final or even quarter-finals for the last three seasons. Juventus was in quarter-finals two years ago and since then the team can’t advance from ⅛ finals.

What’s wrong with Cristiano Ronaldo? Fans are not happy with his appearance. He is not as active as in his first year of Turin. Keep in mind that Ronaldo signed for Juventus summer of 2018. He left Real Madrid after winning a third consecutive Champions League trophy.


Turin team may lose Serie A title too

Juventus won the last game in Serie A. Team hosted Lazio and Inzaghi’s team could not defend well. In all surprise, Ronaldo was on the bench. Andrea Pirlo admitted that Cristiano agreed to a rest because he wanted to be rested for the Champions League game. Keep in mind that Ronaldo played in the Champions League game but the team could not advance to the next level.

Cristiano’s team is in the third position. Serie A is still very competitive because Juve is not very close to the second position team. Ronaldo played a big role in Serie A wins – Cristiano scored 20 goals this season for Juve in Italy. Keep in mind that Inter Milan is the leader and has 62 points. Antonio Conte’s team is trying their best to win the tournament this season. Juve has only 52 points and one game in hand. So, Juve has to win every possible game and wait for dropped points of Inter Milan.