Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy with the current situation in Juventus. He is already searching for a new club.

Juventus is not fitting in Ronaldo’s target anymore

Portuguese striker is not happy in Italy anymore. He is even losing chances for Italian Serie A this season. Keep in mind that Inter Milan is doing an impressive run in the tournament so Cristiano may lose the chance of winning another title this season. Keep in mind that Juventus is out of Ronaldo’s favorite tournament. Ronaldo is a top-scorer of the Champions League but he couldn’t win the title of CL with Juventus. 


Legends of Juventus are criticizing Ronaldo

Italian experts and legends of Juventus criticize Ronaldo for not giving 100% to Juventus. They believe that Ronaldo is only thinking about his personal goals and awards and that’s why the system in Italian clubs is broken. Close friends of Cristiano believe that everyone is against Ronaldo’s presence in Italy that’s why players wants to change the team in summer. There will be a big Euro 2020 (2021) in June and Cristiano will lead to another club from July. 


Next club of Cristiano Ronaldo

What will be the next club of Ronaldo? Manchester United or Real Madrid. Florentino Perez talked about the future of Real Madrid. Spanish billionaire noted that the team won’t sign Ronaldo again because everything is in the past. The statement of Florentino seems Real Madrid won’t sign Cristiano Ronaldo again, especially at this age. Experts believe that Ronaldo has a good chance of joining Manchester United in summer. MU is doing well in the Premier League and Europa League. Next season has to be a big breakthrough for Manchester United and Ole. Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes are playing well together in the midfield. Signing Ronaldo in summer could lead to bigger trophies at the end of the season because Ronaldo is a perfect goal-scorer for the team like MU.