The Portuguese International, Cristiano Ronaldo has been modeled in the image of a superhero Iron Man. This is evident in a new statue unveiled in Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been dubbed several names including “superstar”. But now, there is a new metaphor for the Juventus and Portugal genius footballer. That is a superhero or more specifically “Iron Man.”

There is an annual carnival in a tiny Italian city called Viareggio that attracts more than 800,000 guests a year. This is where the Ronaldo robot-like figure was paraded.

Ronaldo appears to have been remodeled to resemble the superhero Iron Man.

The Juventus forward is the latest figure to be sculpted for the festival in Tuscany, following in the footsteps of several other footballers.

Ronaldo’s statue is completely made out of metal from head to toe. His face and eyes will move during the festivities.

The design depicts him to be in some kind of form of armor, helped no doubt by the shiny metal make-up of the figure.

The face and the hair certainly look better than past attempts to capture the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star.

And “Ronny” will certainly be pleased to see the sculptor hasn’t missed much of his muscular physique out.

The festive in Italy runs from February 1 all through until February 25. The Viareggio Carnival first started in 1873 when a number of local citizens started a protest against the high taxes they were paying.

The area of Viareggio has become renowned for it ever since, celebrating in the same style each year.