Legendary player criticized Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese forward could not help Juve to advance to the next level of the Champions League.


Cristiano joined Juve with one hope – to lift CL trophy

Portuguese player left Real Madrid as a winner. He won three champions league trophies consecutively. Keep in mind that in all cases Cristiano Ronaldo was the main striker of the team. Ronaldo joined Juventus to lift the Champions League with the Italian club. After scoring a bicycle goal against Juventus in 2018, he became in love with the fans of the host team. Juve fans had a very big applause for Real Madrid’s 7. Ronaldo knew that lifting the Champions League trophy with Juve would take his career into another level. That’s why he scored a hat-trick against Atletico Madrid back in 2019 and let Juve go into the next round of Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo single-handedly made the biggest come-back in Juventus history of Juventus. No one would ever imagine by that time that Juventus would leave the Champions League from ⅛ twice in the next two years. Ronaldo could not make a big impact on the tie against Porto. Portugal’s club did everything to score more goals at the stadium of Juventus. Cristiano got huge criticism from the legendary players of Juventus.


Ronaldo costs Juve too much

Cobolli believes that Ronaldo is very expensive for a team like Juventus. He said that Agnelli took the risk and it was not good for the club’s financial situation. Juventus has to pay around 1 Million EUR for one goal of Ronaldo which is too much according to Cobolli. He said that many strikers played for Juventus that scored many goals but they were not expensive like Ronaldo. Along with the money, he needs different conditions and it’s way too expensive for Juventus. Cobolli said that he respects Ronaldo as one of the biggest athletes around the globe. At the same time, he believes that Ronaldo is too expensive for a team like Juventus.