Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juve could not win the game on Saturday night. Ronaldo was very disappointed after the game.

Experts write about Ronaldo’s final hope

As you may know, Ronaldo has been playing for Juventus since 2018. He left Los Blancos after winning third consecutive Champions League titles. It was visible that Ronaldo wanted a new challenge. Juventus was the perfect club for him by that time. Ronaldo made the biggest come-back in Juventus history in the Champions League. He single-handedly won the game against Atletico Madrid by scoring a hat-trick in second-leg. Everything went downhill after that game. He won two consecutive Serie A titles but everything is getting worse in the Champions League. Team could not advance to the next level of the Champions League for three years. 4 weeks ago, the team was defeated by Porto and could not qualify for ¼ finals of the Champions League. Experts believe that Ronaldo is tired by the newbie coaches and teammates. Even in Los Blancos, once he said that he needs teammates who match his work ethic and dedication. Unfortunately to Ronaldo fans, he can’t see the same dedication and will from Juve teammates.


Ronaldo’s desire to return to Madrid

It’s been two weeks since the first headline about Los Blancos return. Italian newspapers write about Ronaldo’s desire to return to Madrid. He wants to sign for Real Madrid again and have “last dance” just like Michael Jordan did with Chicago Bulls. Everything depends on the desire of Real Madrid’s coaching staff and board of management. It seems that Florentino Perez is not interested in Cristiano Ronaldo anymore. Team is ready to bid for two rising stars – Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe. Both players are very young and they have big careers ahead. That’s why Florentino is trying everything to win the “bid race” for those players.