A curious incident happened during the Europa League match in Skopje. Jose Mourinho assessed the situation with humor.

In the Europa League’s third qualifying round, London’s Tottenham Hotspur defeated North Macedonia’s Shkendia 3: 1 and advanced to the playoffs. However, what was more interesting in this game was that the door was 5 cm smaller than normal.

With an unequipped eye, especially with a TV report, perceiving such a thing is quite difficult and practically unthinkable. Still, Tottenham’s goalkeepers Hugo Lloris and Joe Hart quickly realized that something was out of order in the pre-match warm-up. Thus, they informed their coach, and Tottenham also asked the UEFA delegate to check the door’s size.

It turned out that compared to the standard, the door was really small by 5 cm. But it became impossible to correct the defect. The fact could not stop Tottenham from winning, while Jose Mourinho took the curious situation with humor and wrote on social media: “I thought I grew taller. But the reality is that the door was 5 cm lower.”

The Portuguese coach also commented on this curious situation at the post-match press conference:

“It was a funny situation because my goalkeeper told me the door was low. I went to see it, and it really was like that. I realized that everything was not normal from the beginning, and I told the UEFA delegate to check. The difference was very small – 5 cm, but we demanded a standard size door. ”

Recall that Tottenham Hotspur beat London by goals from Eric Lamela, Heung-min Son, and Harry Kane in Skopje, and will face Haifa Maccabi in the playoffs.