Gareth Bale joined Real Madrid in 2014. Back then, Carlo Ancelotti was the coach of whites. Gareth could not hide his peaceful intentions and big dreams. As it seems, Gareth was a massive fan of Real Madrid since childhood.

Real Madrid paid up to 120 Million euros for Gareth, and everyone was in shock. By that time, Welshman became the most expensive footballer on earth. Gareth Bale scored a legendary goal against Barcelona in Copa final and won the first title with Los Blancos. In two weeks, Gareth helped Real Madrid to secure 10th Champions League in Lisbon against Atletico Madrid.

What happened with Gareth Bale?

Before Zinedine Zidane, there was a short era of Rafael Benitez. Spanish coach had a massive trust in Bale and player scored many goals in a few months. According to rumors, Gareth Bale was the only favorite player of Benitez in Madrid. Perez sacked Benitez soon after signing the contract because of bad results.

Fans could see that Gareth Bale was unhappy with the decision. Welshman loved playing under Benitez, but soon everything changed.

Zinedine Zidane relied on Gareth in the first season, and the team won the Champions League in May 2016. Everything changed in summer as we saw a drastic change in Gareth’s playing style.

Gareth Bale lost the competition with Lucas Vazquez

Lucas is the favorite player of Zidane. French coach admires Spanish winger and his work ethic. In 2017/18 season Gareth Bale lost the competition with Lucas Vazquez for the left-wing. Welshman was spending more time at Golf hill than he has spent at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Gareth Bale’s agent criticized Zinedine Zidane and said that the French coach was very rude to Gareth. There were lots of rumors about Gareth’s departure in the summer of 2019. Zidane once said that he could not wait for his exit, but everything changed since August.

The leading player of Real Madrid this season

Real Madrid could not find the right offer for Gareth Bale, so Welshman had to stay in Madrid. Wales player still had three years with Los Blancos and could not breach the agreement. Fans could only dream for Bale’s change, and everything went on positively.

From the start of the season, Gareth Bale is the most important player of Real Madrid. Gareth scored two goals in four matches and could get red card already. It’s important to mention that Gareth plays not only in attack but also helps defense. Welshman helps Carvajal a lot and tries to recover lost plays. As the Marca experts believe Zidane unleashed the hidden giant within Gareth.