The president of the Italian Football Players Association, Damiano Tomassi recommends stopping football in Italy.

Northern Italy will be blocked due to Coronavirus

The President of the Italian Football Players Association Damiano Tommasi wants all football in Italy to suspend. After reports, the government will block several regions in northern Italy. A lot of news in Italy claimed that Lombardy, which includes the cities of Milan and Bergamo, and 11 neighboring provinces. They would be locked up under a new government decree to control the spread of Coronavirus. In such circumstances, no one will have the right to leave or enter these areas, except for emergencies or unavoidable labor obligations. In Italy, 5061 confirmed cases of Coronavirus were reported, which killed 233 people in this country. The spread of the virus led to the fact that all games played behind closed doors until April 3.

Tomassi: Stop football!

However, amid fears that the use of lockouts would prevent teams from traveling, Damiano called for a halt to the season. Tommasi wrote on Twitter: “Let’s stop the Serie A league! Do we need anything else? Stop football! The President of the Italian Football Federation said the governing body could not rule out the possibility of suspending the entire season if a top-flight player tests the positive for Coronavirus strain. If a Serie A player tests positive for Coronavirus, we will not rule out the suspension of the entire season, Gabriele Gravina told reporters.

We need to play behind closed doors

Everyone must be realistic. In these conditions, we will have to take all the necessary procedures to ensure. We cannot rule out anything at the moment, but we should also try not to dream of a scenario for a situation that we can’t predict. Playing football behind closed doors, of course, is not ideal for any match. But to see club officials arguing that it is in their interests sends a terrible signal and hurts Italian football. Anyone who is only looking after their small layer of grass contributes to the slow death of our sports system.